Tired of tripping over your stuff?
Tired of not being able to find what you need?
Tired of feeling alone with your clutter?
We can help!

Jaunary 1, 2020 we are kicking off our Declutter Challenge 2.0.  Every day you will get an email of one area of your life to declutter.  

Here is what each email will contain: 
  • Area to declutter
  • Possible excuses you will tell yourself 
  • Possible feelings you may experiece 
  • Strategies for outsmarting your excuses and your feelings 
  • Step-by-step how to declutter the area 
  • What to do with the stuff you declutter 
  • Basic organizing strategies for what's left 
  • Accountability through a private Facebook group 
  • Complimentary organizing consulation for anyone completing all 30 days

Sound like fun?  Let's do this!