1. Relocation Concierge
    Relocation Concierge
    Our team can partially or completely pack and unpack your home. $40 to $75 per hour per person
  2. Estate and Clean-out Services
    Estate and Clean-out Services
    Estate and Clean-out services help with the cleaning of the departed home or property. $40 to $75 per hour
  3. Coaching & Consulting
    Coaching & Consulting
    Sometimes all we need is a little help getting started or we are capable of doing the work $100 per hour
  4. Special Projects
    Special Projects
    If you have something that needs to be done and you are putting it off, let us do it for you. $40-$100 per hour
  5. house sitting, pet sitting, light cleaning
    House Sitting Service
    House Sitting services are always available. $50 per night.
  6. laundry, folding clothes, clean clothes
    Laundry Put-Away Service
    When life gets too busy, we can help you catch up and keep up with our laundry put-away service. $40 per hour
  7. suitcase, travel, luggage, packing, vacation, trip
    Travel Packing Service
    Packing can be the least desirable part of a trip - let us help! $40 to $75 per hour
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